Nobody Books is the collective endeavor of Greta Byrum, Stephen Mosblech, and Danny Snelson. Our first work is the No-Body you see today. We met in 2008 at Recorded Books, a well respected New York City audiobook company. Mixing this professional grade production with avant-garde mischief, we present mangled media artifacts and hybridized performances for the narratively challenged.



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Stephen Mosblech constructs mental-landscape plays. Work performed in: New York [Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Here Arts Center], Chicago and Tbilisi. He has worked for Richard Foreman as a film performer and assistant director in New York and Denmark. He studied critical theory at Brown University and in Berlin.

Danny Snelson is an editor, writer, and archivist living in Philadelphia, PA. His online work can be found at UbuWeb, PennSound and Eclipse. Gallery screenings and performances at Ontological Hysteric Theater, Gallery D21 Leipzig, CRG Gallery New York, Subtext Reading Series, The Poetry Project, and free103point9 Transmission Arts. He is the founder of Aphasic Letters (with Phoebe Springstubb) and No Input Books (with James Hoff).

Greta Byrum is a poet, sound artist, and co-founder of dBfoundation, dedicated to creating and fostering ephemeral edifices and intangible structures. Sound installations: WhiteBox; Makor; Josee Bienvenu; Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts; Conduit (Dallas); Gallery Joe (Phila.); LACE (LA); Coil, staged reading at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater; sound design (NY Theater Workshop; New Dramatists). Co-creation and development: exhibitions CAFÉ [this is not that] (The Phillips Collection, DC); Aporia (NY & LA); Disarmory (NY), and Radio Free DUMBO. She is an Appalachian Trail 2000-miler.