A dialogue is a chain or a wreath of fragments. A correspondence is a dialogue on an enlarged scale, and memorabilia are a system of fragments. — F. W. v. Schlegel

If you get an insight, one of these delivered lightning bolts – if you develop it, that means you’re domesticating it, and you’re developing it so that it will fit into the ongoing discourse. And if you don’t believe in the ongoing discourse, the task is to keep getting these shocks, and not develop them, but make a structure, make a mosaic out of these shocks. — R. Foreman


Nobody Books started as an experiment in new media publishing: an extensive media bricolage clustered around No-Body, a “novel in parts” published by Richard Foreman in 1997. Ultimately our No-body has accumulated into an expanded media archive.

Utilizing a spectrum of films, scripts, recollections and material ephemera, No-Body spins a paranoid web of incidentally connected work around the hermetic mythos of Foreman's theater. Can a book become a city, not exactly. Can a book become a reverberation machine, not exactly. It is in the liminal space between these models (among other reading systems) that our audiobook, our website our thumbdrive vibrate together as No-Body.

Like all hermetic projects, our No-Body archive shimmers with blind alleys, broken signs, and exploding hearts. You may get lost among its fragments, or find a path – a reading method – that pulls you through. No-Body dances among media—audiobook performance, hypertext plays, hard drive distribution, theatrical performance—the web grows as we continue to gather and piece it all together.

With Performances by Dylan Davey, David Patrick Kelly, Juliana Francis-Kelly, Eric Magnus, Jay Smith, T. Ryder Smith, Danny Snelson, Henry Stram, and Tony Torn; Music by John Zorn; An Interview with Richard Foreman; Work by Marie Losier, Lee Azzarello, JB Herndon, Celina Paiz, Rob Granniss, and More.